Class of 1990, I was born in San Michele di Pagana, a little coastal village near Portofino, in the province of Genoa.

My interest in yachting and nautical is an heritage from my father, qualified shipwright, while my love for art, architecture and design was born and nourished during high school years.

In 2012 I got my degree with honours in Naval and Nautical Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa and I continued my studies, the following year, with a master in "Environmentally friendly technologies for Nautical".

“I don’t work with inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work.”Chuck Close
Emanuela Ambrosi

In 2014 I began my professional carrer: after some brief partnerships in the field of yacht design and architecture, I started a continuous collaboration with A-Lab studio in Genoa. At first I dealt with executive drawings of maxi yacht interiors, working side by side with manufacturers and so acquiring sound expertise related to technical and operational aspects.

At the same time, parallel to my primary occupation as yacht designer, I worked in architecture, presenting myself at professional studies and companies operating in real estate, to elaborate 2D drawings, 3D models, photo-realistic renders and photomontages.

“The street, the cinema, the TV ... are the places where one learns to critically observe the obvious gestures, the conformist attitudes, the obvious forms. To find out what? To find out that you can do something else.”Achille Castiglioni

In the certainty that working with different realities and approaching design from several points of view are the best ways to promote my professional development, from 2016, I have chosen to work as freelancer, alternating partnerships with professional studies and companies with self-employed jobs.

In these years, thanks to the projects I followed, I worked in the marine sector, mainly on interior yacht design, refitting and cruise ship, and at the same time on civil architectural projects, through various collaborations.

“The great thing about being an architect is you can walk into your dreams”Harold Wagoner

In the future I would like to continue on this way, committed to strengthening and improving my knowledge and addressing new design aspects, different from those I have already mastered.

See my curriculum vitae below